Matches Made In Bel Ami Heaven 7

13) Dano Sulik and Danny Saradon (Flings, 2000): Ah, amour de jeunesse (young love)! I remember its song well. The scenario presented in this scene I’m sure we can all relate to. It’s the morning after a night of no-undoubtedly ‘frisky business’ and you’re at the table sharing a bite to eat. Suddenly your partner is feeling a little on the frisky side, dipping his spoon in his opened container of yogurt, pulling some out and with a naughty smile on his face, he playfully dabs some on the tip of your nose. You both laugh as you wipe your messy, yogurt nose. With a wistful smile, he then places a grape between his teeth as a peace offering. He watches you with desire-filled eyes.  You smile as you lean in to take his gift from his waiting mouth, then he kisses you. That one kiss sends the two of you back into the bedroom, for what else? A second go-around. Guess the two of you aren’t leaving the house to start your day any time soon, or you’ll more than likely choose to spend it in bed. Not such a bad idea, when you’re young and in love. 🙂

14) Adrian Kinski and Martin Polakov (Flings, 2000):  Let’s see…out in the woods and you happen upon an abandoned shack…what do you do? Seize the moment for a little love with that special someone. 🙂 This scene was smoldering hot. The passion between these two was wonderful to watch.

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