The Beautiful Photographic Art of Benno Thoma and the Bel Ami Boys

Along with Howard Roffman, I came to know of Benno Thoma’s stunning artwork through my friend’s blog. And I have to say, that it is just as beautiful as Roffman’s. Benno as well has become one of my favorite photographic artists, who will also become known for his work with the Bel Ami boys. The Dutch photographer Benno Thoma’s main claim to fame will be his extensive travels around the world attempting to gather, through his camera lens, more items in the subjects of interest to him: architecture, interior design and travel. Fans of Bel Ami will know him in a slightly different context and perhaps a more favored one: his sumptuous work with the Bel Ami boys. His Bel Ami film credits would include still photographer, along with Marty Stevens, in Lukas in Love (2005), as well as location manager for many of their films, including Lukas in Love and Greek Holiday. His photographic images are simply steeped in beauty and elegance.

I put together a video gallery of his work, to be made a part of Bella’s permanent gallery collection here. It includes some images taken from the fan favorite Sauna Orgy sequence from Lukas in Love, as well as some images from his book Around the Globe, featuring the boys of Bel Ami.

To view the video gallery, go here.

Images remain the sole property of Bel Ami Entertainment and Benno Thoma and no copyright infringement is intended.