Lost in the Paradise of Your Arms

The music’s the thing

Once again, I move….to the sound of Bel Ami and I guess I can consider this one a follow up post from one I did earlier a few months ago. This is a slightly edited version of the post I made to the forum on Bel Ami website and I thought I’d share it here as well:

Ever since my love affair with Bel Ami began…no, I have to go further than that: ever since my love affair with film began, tied right along with it came a love for the music in film and I can trace that love all the way to the very first film I saw in the theater as a child: a 1970’s revival showing of Gone With The Wind my parents took me to when I was 7 years old. My parents had trepidations about taking me to such a long film. But to their surprise I was awake through the whole run time and I loved every moment of it. One of the things that stood out for me, apart from everything else awesome about this film was the music and I couldn’t help but feel moved by it every time I heard it. The soundtracks of Bernard Herrmann I’ve long since associated with the films of Alfred Hitchcock, one of film’s master storytellers. I’ve added to this list as time went on as I watched more films and I began to collect it from my favorites. Although I find the film tedious nowadays, the beautiful James Horner soundtrack to TITANIC graces my dvd cabinet. So, you see, I don’t have a casual interest in this. Music has long since been a very important part of my creative life. Whenever I’m working on a piece of writing, arranging a gallery, working on an image or video or just puttering about the house, I have music playing in the background to inspire me and motivate me. I can’t sleep without it….I have insomnia since I was young, so music has always been what helps me drift off into Slumber Land.

When I began to watch the films from Bel Ami, my love affair for not only their films began but also my love for film music began anew. Music for these films is just as an important element to these films as everything else. I’ve taken this music to my heart just as strongly as the films where the music was featured. I’m not ashamed to say that I managed to collect a great deal of it from the dvd’s, created ‘mock soundtracks’ out of them, and they have taken up happy residence on my mp3 player. I’ve started to experiment with my audio editor so I can make the tracks longer if I wanted to, and create new tracks, which I just finished one piece that I tried, just last night: it’s about as perfect as I could possibly make it and I ‘gift’ it to you here. But my love for this music came with a little mystery attached to it….I know who’s credited with it…but that’s where it all ends. I know nothing else. Through my research (yes, I’m curious by nature and I like to find things out on my own and it comes from being a scientist), I discovered that B.K Sun was responsible for creating this music. Yet, anything else about this individual remains shrouded in mystery.  In a previous and similar post, I had an image of a cat holding a Rubic’s cube with a caption that read: OMG! WTF!? I solved my mystery after a fashion but I’m still the cat looking stymied at this puzzle box going: what the hell? What the hell is right but in still a happy way. I’ve been able to collect it….I’ve just finished stringing all the ones I’ve found from each disk, made little soundtracks out of them and I now have them. There is one section of music however, that has eluded my capture (that meanie!) and the section I’m speaking of is the gorgeous music heard over Ethan’s and Yves’ scene in Lukas In Love Part One. *sigh* All my efforts to ‘clean’ this one up has met with disaster…I have saved the clip as a reference only, waiting for the time when I will hopefully run across this beautiful section of music again. I can’t be the only one who cares and loves this music. You can’t love these films and not feel something about the music as well, at least that’s the philosophy I’ve come to. On my personal wish list, I keep hoping that I will be able to find the complete tracks to all the B.K Sun music pieces featured so prominently in Bel Ami’s films. They’ve become a very important part of my creative life and I can’t imagine not being with them.

For the time being, I’m providing my latest audio creation. I took one of the music segments I had found from Out At Last 4, and using my audio editor, I tried my hand at editing the track, extending it so I would be able to use it perhaps in another project somewhere later on. Consider this an early Christmas present.


Music clips: untitled track (Lost in the Paradise of your arms), B.K. Sun, menu track from Out At Last 4: Bazaar dvd; remains sole intellectual property of Bel Ami Entertainment and no copyright infringement is intended.