The Beauty of the Bel Ami Male 16- Thomas Woolfe

How’s this for cool! An inspired shoot if ever there was one!!!!

Young Thomas makes this quad bike look good…You guys should know that I have a hot-to-trot car and boy fetish…if my gallery video I posted not too long ago was any indication. Well, true to form: you guys can keep the bike. I’ll just take Thomas home with me instead. 😉 Geez, can anyone blame me? He’s adorable and hot, whether in or out of his clothes. The BelAmi crew took Thomas to one of their favorite locations in Budapest in June 2011 for this amazing shoot by Eliot Klein. And if any one can get a young guy naked, hot and horny over inanimate objects, it’s Eliot. I think the bike got to have all the fun. Lucky bike! I almost hate to admit I was jealous of the quad bike.

Anyway, you guys have to let us know what you think about him.

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