Dreaming of my cat-eyed boy

In the past couple of days, I was going through all my image sets for another project and I came across those of the beautiful Sascha Chaykin. The very first time I came across this stunning young man was in Lukas In Love (2005), and stunning he is. Just as I thought Lukas had the crystal blue eyes of a wolf, Sascha has the emerald eyes of a Great Cat, with all the grace and beauty to match. Over the course of time, he became a breathtaking performer and his scenes were pure magic to watch, using his cat-like grace to seduce his scene partners, more often than not, drawing all the attention on to him. Who would complain? He’s a dream to watch in scenes and he’s breathtaking to behold in still frame. I felt great sadness when he seemed MIA earlier in the year. But I have a reason to rejoice, seeing as I have gotten word he will be returning to the BA fold. Excuse me while I slowly let go a sigh of grateful relief, and happiness.

Behold, my beautiful cat-eyed boy, Sascha

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