Sascha Chaykin and Dario Dolce-BAOL Update


It was about time BelAmi finally decided to put these two together!

Holy frijoles, Sperman!

These two are a couple of the most muscled and hung in the entire BelAmi stable. So to put them together was pretty much a genius no-brainer! I’ve loved both of these guys pretty much from jump. They’re both amazingly fun to watch and Sascha……oh, my! My beautiful cat-eyed boy, Sascha has become one of my favorite versatile babes, who can take it just as well if not better as he delivers it….and boy, does he ever deliver it to Dario! And I really have to say one thing about Dario that makes me smile: he has the best bubble butt ass, since Tim Hamilton, who loves to get fucked just as much if not more as Tim did. So again, putting Sascha and Dario together was just almost too perfect of a pairing. 🙂 You’ll want to watch as Sascha’s Vulture (the nickname we all use to describe Sascha’s cock because of the way it bends), pleasures Dario’s sweet, quivering and hungry hole.

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