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Man, Oh Man, Oh Sexy MAN

Posted on Jan 11, 2014 by in Bel Ami, Lukas Ridgeston, special | 2 comments

Whoa! Look at him! Lukas still has it…what do I mean…still? He’s never lost it! Yep, he is gracing the cover the Aussie mag DNA and in March he, along with some other Bel Ami Jewels of Gorgeousness, will be in the lovely land of Oz for their Mardi Gras celebration as well as some other guest appearances. He is living proof, gentlemen, that yes, whether you are in your 30s (like my darling Lukas), 40s, 50s or 60s you can look just as beautiful and youthful as he does. I also feel beauty lies within and if you feel young in your heart, that will shine on the outside as well. Trust me….he does exactly that. My surrogate baby brother works hard and he plays just as hard, if not harder. And seeing this picture and knowing all the things he’s doing now with his work and outside of it….I’ve fallen in love with him all over again. He still has it within him to make my heart pound…

You go, Lukas. M’WAH! I love you.



  1. The DNA cover pic was shot in NYC the fall before Lukas and the BelAmi boys went down under. I met and interviewed Lukas last summer (interview posted at and asked about the photo and what he had done in prep for the shoot … because, well, obviously, he looks gorgeous. Lukas said he did nothing much special … that he went to the gym for a couple of weeks (he doesn’t regularly lift weights) but that he keeps fit by wakeboarding which he does almost daily when home in Bratislavia. (I have some spectacular pics of Lukas doing flips and tricks on his wakeboard!). Yes, Bella, at 36 this man is beautiful, inside and out!

    • Hi David, Thanks for your comment! I just got back from vacation and trying to catch up on things. I’d love to get the link for your piece on Lukas. I love Lukas very much. As you read further on my blog you’ll find out that both Lukas and Johan Paulik were my first ever Bel Ami crushes if not one of my first porn crushes! And there have been many more since then. Thanks again for your sweet comment and as for the editing: no problem. I took care of it. 🙂 xxoo, ~Bella