Pillow Talk Series- Scene by Scene

At present, and should it surprise no one, my Bel Ami DVD collection continues to grow by leaps and bounds. If one were to ask me what was my favorite Bel Ami film, I’d have a hard time answering, for many have become favorites. Previously I presented a scene by scene gallery video of images taken from the Frisky Summer film series. This time I present a gallery saluting Bel Ami’s most romantic film series to date, Pillow Talk. Although the series can augment the Flings series with their passionately romantic scenarios, the scenes in the Pillow Talk series feature couples.From scenes of gentle lovemaking to ones of passionate fucking, the couples in this series are “sharing secrets only lovers know”. The music I used for this video gallery should be very familiar to all of you by now. 🙂

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Pillow Talk 1 DVD

Pillow Talk 2 DVD

Pillow Talk 3 DVD

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