Mark Aubrey and Liam Phoenix- Couple Pinup Photo session

Throughout the summer, Bel Ami Online has opened its vaults to present these special, never-before-seen couple photo sessions. This week it’s Mark Aubrey and Liam Phoenix, two beautiful Bel Ami icons.

Shot in Cape Town during one of the group’s many pilgrimages, the interior location should be familiar to you.

For one, it served as the setting for the now famous, fan favorite Turkish Sauna orgy from Lukas In Love (2005), and it was also the setting for a few of the model photo sessions, including ones of Liam and Yves Carradine. Not only are these lovely guys works of art, the building was one too, and along with including some of the images from this shoot, I also wanted to show some of the screen caps from the video.

The building’s interior was stunning, with the white walls contrasting beautifully with the guys’ tanned bodies. The shape of the windows, almost cathedral-like with its frosted glass gives this entire building a very Greco-Roman feel. And as you look at these images (especially the stills taken from the orgy scene from Lukas In Love), it almost feels like you’re viewing a Roman fresco. Sadly though, human progress seems to get in the way of art, and since the time this shoot was done, this amazing building has been torn down and a more conservative sauna now stands in its place. What a sin! All that remains now of this monument are memories of the film magic that was created therein. And it’s now a part of Bel Ami, if not film, history.

So, today I present to you two sets of images: first set are ones taken from the photo session video and the last are ones taken from the pin-up spread. There is also a brief video clip of the session .


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