Well as you could probably guess my final semester of graduate school is under way. *sigh* and as you can also imagine I’m not pleased that it’s going to take me away from all of you. But I hope to continue to post things along way; they’re just not going to be as frequent as they have been.In between working on school projects, I’m going to be busy plotting and planning future postings and if by some luck they become ready ahead of my schedule, they will be presented here. I do have a list of projects that have been completed; they’re just waiting on me to post them. Yeah, yeah, I know…what am I waiting for, right? Soon, my loves, very soon.

I had a couple of music projects already completed and waiting to post. These are the last ones for a while. I had a few more planned but perhaps the music I’ve ‘mined’ from those film DVDs will see new life elsewhere….one can only hope. This one is indeed special: a compilation of B.K Sun music I managed to mine from the films Tender Strangers, Lukas’ Stories, More Lukas’ Stories and Lucky Lukas. I gave this one the appropriate title of Lukas. I consider this one to be a love note to Lukas in musical form. I can only hope that this will meet with his kind approval.

Music clips remain the sole property of Bel Ami Entertainment and no copyright infringement is intended.