For my fiery dragon boy, Kevin Warhol

Inspired by his latest appearance in George Duroy’s exclusive series Kinky Angels, I decided to create this little image gallery of my sweet dragon boy.This charming, adorable lad has the innate ability to charm anyone he meets. When he flashes his impish grin, you just can’t help but smile back. But don’t let his sweet, cute, puppy-eyed looks fool you, for inside him resides the spirit of a fiery dragon with all the powers of a master of seduction. He can charm you right out of your clothes, if he hasn’t stolen your heart first. And no one can resist his mesmerizing power. As his dragon tattoo, that he proudly sports on his neck, can attest, because of this dragon spirit that he possesses, which protects him and gives him strength, so too he gives those attributes to others around him. He’s every inch, a little brother beloved by all, a daring partner, passionate and adventuresome lover, a stalwart friend, and Bel Ami’s Charming Young Prince. And with the fiery soul of the dragon at his command, and beauty beyond measure for one so young, he’s taken command of my own heart. One can only expect greatness from this enchanting young star. There’s no doubt that Dragon Luck is very much with him and will see him through well into a sparkling future.

The images I chose for the gallery were a compilation of his earlier photo session, some of his earlier scenes and some of the recent scenes he’s done as part of George Duroy’s Kinky Angels series. (Not to leave anyone out, other gallery portraits are planned for the other three. Next week, it will be Andre Boleyn’s turn to shine.) Under the tender, trusted care of George and others at Bel Ami, Kevin has grown into a powerhouse of a performer, with a charming personality which comes across so well in his scenes and his interactions with others. He loves the camera and it’s pretty evident that the camera loves him too.

Hmmm…..can you guys tell how much I love this young one? If not, I hope this gallery will help.

The music is a special selection that would help personify this beautiful boy’s dragon soul. The first selection is Empera Dragon by Gomer Edwin Evans. And the second is Pagoda by Volker Barber.

All images remain the sole property of Bel Ami Entertainment and George Duroy and no copyright infringement is intended.

Music clips: Empera Dragon, Gomer Edwin Evans, taken from the album Panflute Lounge; Pagoda, Volker Barber, taken from Silk-Dragon-Flavoured Score, Lounge and Poem