All a Tingle and a Glow

The title of this post pretty much sums up my feelings in regard to today’s offering at Bel Ami Online. This scene would prove that wishes can be granted, as it would appear that Jean-Daniel Chagall in an past interview had expressed his desire to be a top one day. Anyone who has seen his performances up to now can attest that he’s a superb bottom. In today’s video scene he displays his exquisiteness as a top. Wish granted, and much to all our delights! His scene partner is the equally handsome newbie, Colin Hewitt and talk about a cute, sweet and hot scene! This was a genius pairing and the scene itself is a breathtaking work of erotic art.

Yes….to the art!

It seems that with every scene they keep raising the bar and this one they kicked it up several notches. This scene would take place in a South African location that should be very familiar to most Bel Ami fans. If one remembers, this location was one used during the party sequence in Seriously Sexy Part One, as well as any number of photo sessions during Bel Ami’s frequent pilgrimages to Cape Town. (I wonder at times if they remember my frequent postings to the website forum and elsewhere that I love and have the hots for beach scenes. Well, they did a beautiful opening shot of the beach and surf that made me sigh a breathy ‘thank you’. Yes, thank you, my BA loves. I needed that.).

Not only was this location lovely and being familiar, felt like coming home again, (as I’m sure it felt that way for many of the BA team), but they wanted to try something new and different in the filming of this one: an underwater camera was utilized for some of the shots. This added a whole new dimension to the scene that I don’t think was ever done before in erotic films. The action in this one was blistering hot. I do have a few more screenshots to share, but this one must be seen and indulge oneself in. It was a lovely work of erotic art. I know the question you all will be asking: will I be sharing this one in one of my edits? Well, maybe. Maybe not. Gee, I’m such a tease. 😉

All images remain the sole property of Bel Ami Entertainment and no copyright infringement is intended.

Ces charmants jeunes hommes dans une douce étreinte romantique. Ah, amour de jeunesse .. un spectacle magnifique à voir et me tenir en haleine.