The Sounds of Bel Ami

What a treasure to behold!~

Guess I will have to pick up every Bel Ami dvd I can get my hands on just so I can have this gorgeous and inspiring music at my command. I managed to obtain this attached clip from the Out at Last 1: Souvenirs dvd. Imagine my joy! Even though I don’t know who the composer is for the films before 1995, I still think that this is the coolest, romantic chill music on the planet. Although I discover that the composer of the music of Bel Ami’s later dvd releases as B.K. Sun, the composer of the music used in the films of the studio’s earlier days continues to remain a puzzle, tucked inside a mystery, wrapped up in an enigma. Like the films this music comes from, it has left me spellbound. The second clip I’m posting is a bonus.