This Charming Man-Brandon Manilow

I present to you now one of Bel Ami’s immortal classics, Brandon Manilow.

How I came upon this stunning love god was around the exact same time I stumbled across Josh Elliot: in a scene the two of them shared together in Lukas In Love (2005).  It was from that scene that I fell completely head over heels in love with the both of them. And the rest, as they say, is history.  It was long before I joined Bel Ami Online and I was collecting their DVDs with a seemingly voracious appetite (of which that hasn’t managed to change), and I was in the process of rounding out the videographies of Johan Paulik and Lukas Ridgeston. I saw all of their scenes from the DVDs. Until on a very cold and rainy day before the start of spring last year, I decided to devote an entire day to watching Lukas In Love (both parts, front to back). It became four hours of total erotic bliss and in more ways than one. Of course I got to see Lukas. But I got acquainted with all of Bel Ami’s classic beauties from what has been coined their ‘New Generation’ (2001-2006, roughly). And as it usually happens with me, I fell in love with them all.  

Yet, of all the scenes from that gorgeous film, the scene that sticks in my mind the most, plays games with my romantic soul the most, is the scene with Brandon Manilow and Josh Elliot, and even now since that very first time I saw it, what these two lovely stars created together will be one of Bel Ami’s all time classic scenes. For me, Brandon and Josh will remain as one of Bel Ami’s classic couples. They were truly a match made in Bel Ami Heaven. There would be other stunning match ups with the two of them. But it’s this scene of romantic and erotic beauty that they created together that will stand the test of time and be one of Bel Ami’s immortal classics.  I can’t deeply love one and not the other for they’ve become inseparable within my heart. And those two beautiful beyond belief young guys shone together like rare jewels. It is the stuff of true film magic, and so are they.


As it would happen, that one scene just spring-boarded me into finding more scenes with these two Adonises. I was still collecting DVDs but I saw the time to join Bel Ami Online was vastly approaching. And it was a move on my part that proved to only enrich my journey through Bel Ami’s garden. I was able to, not only see more of their scenes, but begin to collect their imagery. What struck me the most about Brandon was not only how beautiful he looked, but his animalistic passion he exhibits in his scenes. In many ways, he’ll feed off the energy given off by his partners, as they feed off of his, creating a perfect symbiosis.  In behind the scenes footage he has a very sweet and charming personality which also comes across in his scenes. With his tremendous canon of films/scenes, Brandon is truly a beautiful Love God in the classic sense.  He remains an important part of Bel Ami’s story, and he will always be very ‘special to me.’

Music clips presents in video gallery:

1)      Special to Me- Phantom of the Paradise movie soundtrack

2)      This Charming Man- The Smiths; taken from Hatful of Hollow

3)      Hard As Love- Marillion; taken from Brave

4)      Lips Like Sugar- Echo and the Bunnymen, self-titled album

5)      Old Souls- Phantom of the Paradise movie soundtrack

6)      Personal Jesus- Depeche Mode, taken from Violator

7)      The Killing Moon- Echo and the Bunnymen; taken from Ocean Rain

8)      The Man With The Child In His Eyes- Kate Bush; taken from The Kick Inside

9)      Untitled B.K. Sun track

10)  Your Hands On My Skin- De/Vision; taken from Zehn

11)  Call Me- Edenfeld; taken from Evolution

12)  There is a Light That Never Goes Out- The Smiths; taken from The Queen Is Dead

13)  Presto- Rush; taken from Presto

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 Brandon Manilow- Videography

Out At Last 4: Bazaar (1995-2003)

Personal Trainers Part 5 (2002)

Greek Holiday Part 2 (2004)

A Plus (2005)

Lukas In Love Parts One and Two (2005)

Enchanted Forest (2006)

Flings 2 (2006)

Out In Africa 1 (2006)

Pillow Talk 1 (2006)

Pina Colada (2006)

No Experience Necessary (2006)

Flings 3 (2007)

Too Many Boys 2 (2007)

The Private Life of Brandon Manilow (2007)

French Kiss (2008)

Lemonade (2008)

5 Americans in Prague (2009)

Taboo (2009)

Seriously Sexy Part One (2009)

Seriously Sexy Part Two (2010)

Step By Step: Jean-Daniel Chagall (2010)

Flings 4 (2010)

Orgies Collection (2010)

Skin On Skin 2 (2010)

Dirty Secrets (2010)

Desire (2010)

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