It’s All About the Cream- The Weekly Mash-Up Part Two

Isn’t it always? Big Smile And you guys all know it’s true! 

As promised this is the second part of a ‘special edition’ of the Weekly Mash-Up series, and I became inspired (though as you all should know by now, it really doesn’t take much to inspire me when it comes to these awesomely lovely and fun group of guys), after seeing another Flashback episode that Sebastian Bonnet helped Luke Hamill shoot several years ago (the edited version of that one I presented here a few days ago and you can check it out here).

This short and very sweet orgy sequence taken from No Experience Necessary  was shot by Sebby and his partner in sexy voyeuristic, ‘spy-cam’ crime, Jeff Daniels, Sebby’s evil twin, (and of course I say that with great affection). This one turned out to be a very fun, funny, sexy free-for-all with the trainers taking care of the trainees and the trainers taking care of each other (as it should be! Ha Ha). Back when I first joined this one was unearthed to help celebrate the release of their first 2-disk DVD collection, Orgies, so you can view the full version of the scene on that one too if you wish (as well at BAOL).




And where he’s considered, I’m so completely shameless with my love for him……my lovely Ethan rocks! Just saying’!  Sweet Kiss







A good time was definitely had by all……

And putting this cutesy edit together was fun but a mean bitch all at once. Too many great moments…..but I had to keep it short. The music helped make it fun too. I love the techno-alternative band Spahn Ranch and they do trip-hop and trance-hop like no one’s business. I wanted something a little fun and ‘bouncy’ for this one. Their song, Incubate taken from their 1998 album, Architecture had such a strange title but the beat delivered exactly the fun and funky vibe I was going for. Though the band was short-lived, they did produce some fun and danceable music. If you dig these guys as I present them here in this clip, you’ll more than likely hear from them again.

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