My Gentle Giant- Gaelan Binoche

Perhaps calling Gaelan a giant would be a gross exaggeration, though he is without a doubt a very statuesque beauty. Because of his height, my impression of him is that he has a dancer’s grace and poise. And let’s not forget: sensuality. His face tells all of his loveliness and good humor. I adored him in his scenes so far and he’s only going to get better as he builds confidence. The images from his photo shoot don’t do him the justice he so richly deserves. So I decided to take his photo session video and edit it along with some chosen images from his pinup gallery. Now if he would do a couple’s photo session that would be simply divine. And who should his partner be for this imaginary (though hopefully made flesh at some point in time), photo session? I can’t even begin to think. But I can certainly envision it’s loveliness.

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