Matches Made In Bel Ami Heaven 1

1) Johan Paulik and Lukas Ridgeston (Lukas’ Stories, 1994, 1995): I would more than likely be declared insane if I didn’t have these two to top my list.  They did a magical job at turning one another on, and all of us along with them, to the delight of fans, old and new, all over the world. It was a scene of lyrical romanticism and erotic splendor, a classic of eroticism.  It would clearly make these two true erotic icons and put Bel Ami on the map of being the greatest studio of erotic art in the world.

2) Lukas Ridgeston and Matt Phillipe (Lukas In Love Part Two, 2005): This scene would introduce me to the beauty that is Matt Phillipe, and he’s a moaner. I have to admit, I praise a good moaner. *grin* He’s only showing to his partner and us that he’s enjoying himself, and turning us all on in the process.  What a gorgeous scene of delightful passion! Two gorgeous Adonises making sweet passionate love to each other. Now I ask you: who could ask for anything more? 🙂

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