Those Lips, those eyes, and oh, that…..ASS

Oh, Jules, yes, I adore all of you, every sweet adorable inch. But it was your eyes that captured me from the first.

Why the hell had I not noticed Julien Hussey sooner? He should have been one of the beauties I would stumble upon when I first joined Bel Ami Online last year! And here I am only discovering his sweetness just only a few months ago? Slacker! However, you’d be glad to know that I’m making up for it now.

He has the sweetest face, sensual, kissable lips (and what he can do with those lips has become legendary by now. *wink*), a killer body and gentle looking eyes.

Oh, and I can’t possibly forget his most endearing ass-set: what else? His very cute, bubble butt that is just oh, so…..fuckable.

He’s such an alluring exhibitionist, as he loves to show off his body.

That beautiful body, as well as gorgeous ass will catch the eye of Marco Bill, for when they were brought together, well, quite as expected, sparks flew in all directions.

Marco is a well hung, archetypical power top and Julien is an insatiable bottom who just loves getting fucked.

When these two forces of sexual nature were brought together, it became a fuck-fest of almost unfathomable sexual energy, with the cameramen just standing back, letting the action unfold and having it all captured on film for all of us.

An amazing combination to be sure and shown exclusively at!

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