From My Hands- A Special Valentine’s Day Edition of the Weekly Mash-Up: Part One

Today I present a special two-part edition of the Weekly Mash-Up. It represents the very first mash ups to add to my collection of special Bel Ami video edits since Bella’s migration to her new home. For this edit of the sweetly romantic and passionate scene between Harris Hilton and Erik Bouna, I wanted to try something a little different: a little more ‘softcore’ in terms of my editing and ‘re-writing’ of this scene. Both of these guys exhibited such a deep and marvelous report in their interaction with one another that I wanted that to take center stage instead of the usual abbreviation of their sex scene. Their foreplay was so beautifully passionate and romantic it was what I wanted to capture in my edit. And again, the tempo of the music was the prime dictator of the overall tone of this clip, as well as aided in what I’ve elected to show.

For the story of this ‘writing’ of the clip, I imagined that it was the day after they had spent the previous night together and now one of them has to depart. Even established lovers find it difficult at times to depart one another perhaps after a weekend together, a holiday from school/college and they have to go their separate ways, even if the departure is only temporary. Still, it doesn’t make that feeling any more painful and even devastating to the heart and soul of the one bearing the burden of the ‘loss’. It’s not a death so much as a loss of the other person’s presence, or the loss of the ‘vibration of one’s essence’, never knowing when or if they will ever see the other again.

A beautiful happy ending for these Bel Ami princes
Listening to this song by the techno band, VNV Nation, From My Hands, I was made to think of a couple of characters in a story I’m writing currently. The heroine in this story is with her new husband. They share a blissful wedding night together and it’s early morning on the following day when he must leave her to join his army regiment for training camp. The eventual separation becomes too unbearable and they share one final passionate embrace before they must part, conceiving their daughter in the process. He doesn’t want to leave his new bride but he made a promise he has to keep and despite whatever pain he may be feeling he has a duty to make good on that promise. Her own personal sacrifice is letting him go although that causes a deep wound within her heart. It’s the singular moment that they share together, loving each other as if this truly will be the last time they will ever see each other or be in each other’s arms. By doing so, they savor every moment they have been given with each other until he must unclasp his hands from hers and go his way. Despite the song’s somber tone, it speaks volumes to the idea of impermanence that nothing is forever despite all our mental trickery to the contrary. In the end, we must never take anything or anyone in our lives for granted. The future we don’t know what will happen. The past is ‘in the past’. The present is all we have, one tender sublime moment of sweetness and we must imbibe of the sweet nectar of  each day’s essence, as if it were the last we will be given.

People walk in and out of our lives like waiters in a busy diner, each one bringing something with them to touch us in ways we never would expect: friends, lovers, partners, spouses, acquaintances. The essence of what we are has been defined perhaps not so much by what we do in our lives, but in the lives of all those we have touched. We sacrifice a little of our lives within our interactions with others no matter who they happen to be. It’s those moments that make up the core fiber of our memories, our dreams. And it’s what brings about all this great art: the emotional traffic as it were that gets transformed into ever lasting beauty. Artists make it look so very simple. Trust me. It’s a lot harder than it looks.

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