In Production Photo Session Gallery featuring Kris Evans and Kevin Warhol

Finally, at long last….

One of our holiday gifts at has been revealed: this long awaited stunningly erotic scene between Kevin Warhol and Kris Evans:

This scene was filmed in Cape Town, South Africa during one of their last sojourns, and it certainly promises to be something special, and without a doubt, well worth the wait.  It’s a gorgeous work of erotica art.  From the images alone, I get two feelings prevailing: erotic, romantic sensuality coupled with passionate animalism, resulting in a wonderful sexual dichotomy, very much an erotic yin and yang. The chemistry between them is amazingly apparent and dynamic. Yet if anyone would be able to bring a sensuality to temper his sexual animalism, it would be Kris and that’s what makes him magnificent to watch in his scenes.

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