Sascha Chaykin and Vadim Farrell mini gallery Part One

All the craziness of the GAYVNs is officially over. Apparently the show was last night and not tonight…(oops, my bad *wink* ). Although a couple of my hopefuls took home prizes, overall I was disappointed. If interested, a full article of the event and the list of winners is here. Now, it’s back to business as usual.
At the time this two part episode between my Sascha and Vadim Farrell was presented on the Bel Ami site last week, I was still recovering from the endorphin induced high Sascha’s scene with Florian Nemec produced in me. After watching this one, with these two highly sexual energized and beautiful guys, this one sent me into deep fibrillation. I’m presenting a mini gallery of images taken from that episode starting with this post and continuing on the next one. An edited video clip of this scene will be posted sometime on Monday. These two posts give you a small taste of what this scene was like, but the images hardly do it the justice it deserves. I don’t even think my edited version of the video will do it proper justice. It simply must be seen to be believed. For the record though: the fans loved it! *grin*

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