Matches Made In Bel Ami Heaven 3

5) Sebastian Bonnet and Julian Armanis (Frisky Summer 2: Sebastian, 1996): This single film would introduce me to the amazing beauty of Sebastian Bonnet. The scene that he and Julian Armanis share together will remain as one of my favorites.  As one pays close attention to them during the 4 way with Lukas and Erik, you get to feel this building chemistry between them. They want desperately to be alone with one another, so you gather from their body language during that scene.  They finally do and it’s breathtakingly romantic and sensuous.  Julian is so graceful, so masterful in how he moves, as well as gives and receives pleasure. He’s a beautiful and sensuous kisser (And he’s an Aries, and us Aries people are very fiery and sensuous in our passions *grin). And as Sebastian follows his lead, the two of them are absolute magic together. The scene itself, from a photographic standpoint is a work of art. I love shots with mirrors. I think they add so much to the eroticism of a scene by watching the action reflected in the mirror’s image. It’s a stunning scene well worthy of every word of praise I can lavish upon it.

6) Johan Paulik and Ion Davidov (Frisky Summer 1: Best Friends, 1995): This one was just boisterous fun and when you get these two together, fun is exactly what you get. 🙂

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